Tuesday, October 29, 2013

family blocks

Our scrap wood bin is one of my favorite places to grab supplies for my creative projects. Lucy still loves sorting and playing with block so I was inspired to use some larger scraps of wood to create some quirky blocks, complete with simple little illustrations of our family and things that she loves! 

I started by sanding down the wood to get rid of any potential splinters.

Next I got busy painting and this was a fun step to include Lucy in. We started by painting all of the wood white and then went back with messy color.

Then I painted really fast, expressive and quirky portraits.

I didn't care about perfection or realism- instead I was trying to simply capture everyone in a fun and childlike way! Lucy sat next to me the entire time and loved talking about each person as I painted.

The result is an entire collection (that I will be continuing to add to) of family portraits that she is obsessed with sorting and lining up. They are perfect for play but also make fun decoration for a bookshelf or even a centerpiece for a table!


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