Wednesday, August 23, 2017

watermelon slushee

I don't drink alcohol but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a fancy beverage! Once one of my  favorites is a watermelon and cucumber slushee. It is sweet, refreshing and perfect for a summer day.

2-3 cups of frozen cubed watermelon
1/2 cucumber 
1 cup of coconut water
Mint leaves for garnish
Sugar for garnish

In a blender combine watermelon, cucumber and coconut water.
Add ice if you want to thicken it up.
Garnish with lime and mint leaves.
I added cane sugar to the rim of the glasses.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

5 things that can be used instead of a paint brush

I love painting with a bush but there is something really fun and exciting about ditching those brushes and using alternative tools and supplies for painting! Here are five of my favorite things to use instead of a paint brush.

A brayer is one of my favorites tools for applying paint because you have the ability to spread uniform layers of paint onto a surface. I love rolling that color onto paper or canvas when I want to quickly fill that surface with color.

A palette knife can be a really fun alternative to using a paint brush! Typically a palette knife is used for mixing paint but it can also be used to apply paint. These days there are all kinds of palette knives (and even decorative scrapers) with different tips and edges that can be used in many creative ways.

One of my favorite ways to apply paint is to use my hands, my fingers and my arms.There is something so raw and powerful about using your hands to apply paint and the best part is that there are no other tools or materials that make a mark like your own hands!

I love using anything from nature (flowers, leaves, twigs, feathers, etc) dipped into paint to use instead of a brush. Flowers and leaves make wonderful tools to create really expressive marks and lines.

I LOVE using an old credit card, gift card or piece of cardboard to drag, swipe and scrape paint onto a surface. It is such a fun way to add quick, colorful and expressive layers to a painting. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

butterfly rings

As many of you know, I LOVE shrink plastic! There are so many different ways to use it and one of my favorites is using it to make funky rings. There are so many different things that you can create from shrink plastic and I thought butterflies would make super cute little statement rings.

I started by drawing butterflies on a sheet of shrink plastic. While shrink plastic comes in many colors, I used black shrink plastic and a white paint pen. Keep in mind that you will need to use permanent pens on that shrink plastic.

Next, I cut out the butterflies and then I baked my designs in the oven for about 1 minute at 350 degrees. Shapes and designs will shrink a lot- like 50%.

While they were still warm, I softly bent the wings up to give the butterfly a little bit of dimension.

Once the butterflies cooled, I glued them (using a heavy duty glue) to ring backs.
The result are really fun and whimsical rings!

Looking for more ring projects?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

free coloring page download for you!

Hi friends! Today I've got a free coloring page for you!

Download HERE  Happy coloring!

You can find a whole bunch of more free coloring downloads HERE

Monday, August 14, 2017

NEW class PHOTO PLAY begins today!

My latest online class Photo Play begins today! Here is a little peek!

Begins Aug 14

I love taking photos! Even more, I love finding unique ways to alter and transform those photos! In this class we will be using printed photographs as the backdrop for layering, painting, journaling and mixed media techniques. I will be sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks for turning pictures into a mixed media art!

For more information or register HERE

There are many online workshops out there at different prices with different content. Back in 2009, when I decided to offer an online learning option, I set out to create a structure that is similar to taking a "live" class from me.  My mission is to provide an affordable class with a learning environment where you are watching lots of demos, learning techniques and then creating on your own art.

  • I have three different structures of online classes: 
Large Class: These classes are $50 and have 5 big lessons that include videos, photos, written information, prompts and more. My large format classes dive deep into a variety of techniques, projects and information.
    Mini Class: My mini classes cost $30 and have 3 big lessons that include videos, photos, written information, prompts and more. 
    Micro Class: These classes cost $15 and have 1 big lesson that includes videos, photos, written information, prompts and more.
    • My classes are a combination of video learning (with demos, techniques and me talking) and lots of photo steps outs of inspiration, techniques and process.
    • All classes are all filmed in my studio. Since 2009 I have been tweaking my gear and my process with the hope that video/photo content gets better and better. My #1 goal is to provide inspiring lessons and visuals that are easy to understand.
    • My classes do NOT have a required supply list. Instead I share the supplies that I like to use and then give you a variety of options and inspiration to use supplies that work best for your process and your budget.
    • All of my classes have unlimited access which means that once you register you can create and access at any time and work at your own pace. Whenever I "release" a new class- I release each lesson "live". Many people enjoy working in this format, as the lessons are posted each week but once all information gets posted there is unlimited time to access everything. I have found that some people prefer to work along with the live format when I release a new class, while others will wait months until they have the time, money and the schedule to register for the class. Either way works- just know that once you are in- there is no deadline or pressure to create.

    Thursday, August 10, 2017

    creating with jules- painted doilies

    Hello! I have a craft for you today, which involves upcycling some doilies into some modern wall art.

    I had a lovely friend share some of her doily collection with me for this tutorial. (She is a fellow crafter and supply collector!) I think she was saving them to make a quilt but she generously donated some to me for this project. I know that I collect things with the thought of one day doing something with them. I have a whole bucket of candle shaped light globes and corks just waiting for the right project to come along!

    For this project you will need:

    -A collection of crocheted doilies
    -PVA glue
    -acrylic paints

    First, I dipped my doilies into water and then wrung them out so that they were damp when I painted them. This makes them easier to paint. If the doilies are dry when you start they will just draw so much of the paint and water out of your brush that you will find you are forever adding more paint.

    I watered down my acrylic colours to make them work more like watercolours. You’ll get a feel for how runny to make the paint once you start painting. Keep in mind your doilies will really lighten as they dry too, so even though my colours looked quite strong as I was painting them, they really lightened to pastel tones when they dried. You also really do need to use acrylic paints because we want those colours to be waterproof for the next step, and acrylics are waterproof when they are dry.

    Paint all of the doilies, filling them all up with colour.
    Next, make a 1:1 ratio mix of water and PVA glue and stir well. Gently squeeze each doily out and lay flat on a sheet of plastic to dry. You don’t want to squeeze them out too tightly that you are not left with much of the glue solution in the doilies, but you also don’t want blobs of glue in the little gaps either. 

    Leave them to dry completely. Once dry they can be pinned up to the wall and will hold their shape. I think they look great in clusters. The more the merrier. I must get my hands on some more!

    Jules :)

    You can find more of Jules here:

    Wednesday, August 09, 2017

    creating a kid- use those feet

    As many of you know, we love making a creative mess around her and one our favorite things to do foot painting, yep you read that right...painting with our feet. It is a process that feels silly, messy and totally weird and Lucy has loved it since she was a toddler! It's also a process that is WAY more fun with friends so recently we invited some of our favorite kiddos over to experiment and stomp around in paint. And let me tell you it was a BLAST! Here are three of our favorite ways to use those feet to get creative-

    A fun things to do is to use your shoes as a stamp! You could use an old pair of shoes with interesting texture on the bottom but I thought it would be fun to transform some cheap flip flops into stamps. I cut out shapes from craft foam and glued them to the bottom of the sandals. Then we dipped those shoes into paint and went WILD walking and stomping around on a big piece of butcher paper. The result is a surface filled with stamped pattern!

    Wrapping those footies in bubble wrap is one of my personal favorite things to do- yes, I do this all the time! It's so much fun to walk around with that bubble wrap popping as you add colorful pattern and texture to a surface. Kids love this process because it's totally wacky, weird and tons of fun!

    Using those toes to hold a brush is another really fun way to explore painting. This process actually takes a lot of focus so it's a great way to get kids to embrace abstraction and expression while having fun.

    You can check out my entire series of "Creating With a Kid" HERE


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